My name is Ron Malanga and I teach music in Dubai. I'm interested in dialogue on ways we initiate, develop, and evaluate musicianship in ourselves and our students.

My perspectives have been derived from my experiences and understandings of the work of Gordon, Suzuki, Kodaly, Laban, Dalcroze, Feierabend, Orff, and others. But certainly Edwin E. Gordon's work is paramount in my thinking when it comes to developing musicians.

Open, honest collaboration benefits everyone.  So what do you want to talk about?   My list includes what talent is & isn't (Talent: Deconstructed) plus:

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So what's on your mind?  Stylistic sensitivity?  Sightreading?  Writing? Transcribing?  I want to learn from you!  And if there is a subject you'd like me to try to tackle, just ask.  I try my best to be useful.

Finally, if you know any interested teachers and learners, please direct them towards this site as well.


Personal Note: Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory provides the basis for just about everything in this blog. I urge all parents & teachers to discover the efficacy of MLT.  www.giml.org is a great place to start.